The Cha-Station was developed to improve separation process of extracting SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) from patient’s own Fat to increase survivability of a patient’s lipo-aspirated Fat used in Fat transfer surgery, both Aesthetic and Plastic surgery within their local clinic.

Unlike other SVF separators currently in the market, Cha-Station comes with the cell counter which enables Physicians, Surgeons or Lab Technicians to confirm, verify quantity of the actual Dead / Live SVF cell count before add it to patient’s lipo-aspirated Fat used in Fat transfer surgery.

Its design consideration includes

  • Improved in reducing Air Contamination possibility during the SVF separation process
  • Shorter SVF separation processing time
  • Low consumable cost
  • User friendly


Our company supply Centrifuge, carefully pre-screened and specifically selected to process PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma).

 The benefits of Centrifuge our company supply are

  • to meet processing requirement of our PRP kit
  • qualified to meet our company’s reliability, durability specification
  • low cost
  • user friendly


Our company’s PRP kit is designed with State of the art technology to extract highly concentrated Buffy-coat from patient’s own blood.

The benefits of our company’s PRP kit are

  • No need to use needle to extract PRP
  • Minimize exposure to air contamination
  • Need only 18cc blood to extract PRP
  • Designed with State of the art technology to extract highly concentrated Buffy coat
  • Time saving with simple extraction process
  • Low cost
  • User friendly

Sparkle Injector II

Our Sparkle Injector II is Injection therapy machine designed to deliver various type of solutions including PRP to specific targeted area of skin with specified amount of solution evenly and safely to treat sensitive areas. Variety of different solutions can be applied by doctor’s recommendation.

Benefits of using our Sparkle Injector II are

  • Injecting various solutions to specific area evenly into accurate depth of skin
  • Injection of solution more effectively, minimizing solution loss to minimize shortage or over dosage of solution into one specific area
  • Elevating skin volume evenly, accurately with solution
  • Less painful than injecting with conventional syringe with needle
  • User friendly


To provide simple, quick way to recover from Aged skin, our company provide various type of Thread solution designed and manufactured with material safe to use on patient.

The benefits of using our company’s Tread solution are

  • Strong Lifting and Tightening of aged skin
  • Skin firming
  • Skin Rejuvenation and Whitening
  • Removing of Wrinkles on Aged skin
  • Engineered Scaffolding design provide structure and micro-environmental support for various cell therapy
  • Made with material safe enough to use for cardiac surgery
  • Short procedure time
  • Minimal invasive
  • Immediate effect

Cell Counter

Our company provide solution to Physicians, Surgeons or Lab Technicians for automated accurate cell count in, both Aesthetic and Plastic surgery within their local clinic.

1. Lunda Basic Automated Cell Counter
This affordable cell counter can give you an accurate Live / Dead cell count in just 7 seconds. With the precision optical design and a trusted counting algorithm, the cell counting accuracy of Luna Basic is unsurpassed.



2. Luna-Stem Automated Cell Counter
The Luna-Stem, integrated with dual fluorescence as well as bright field optics, is a quantum leap for automated cell counting and viability analysis. It provides sensitive and accurate results for almost all cell types, especially for Stem cells and SVF.