Theraphor / Natural Mask Maker

With our company’s 3 types of Natural Mask Maker, everyone can make various type of Fruit, Vegetable mask pack of their own at comfort of their home.

Advantages of our Natural Mask Pack Maker are

  • produce your own mask pack with your own recipe at low cost
  • east to take care of, and clean
  • user friendly


Beauty Capsule

  • Similar size with Smart Phone.
  • Available to use the various essence and toner.
  • Use 2 AAA batteries to operate.
  • Simple and Compact Design.




Required ingredient to make your own Mask Pack.

Contains HA & Vitamin which helps Moisturizing, Whitening, and Skin improvement.

All ingredients are EDIBLE and SAFE.


100% activated Beta-Glucan Hydrogel Mask & Patch providing Cooling, Moisturizing, Regeneration, and Elasticity which prevents skin aging from immune dysfunction, and helps overall dermatological health and wound healing.


Cinderella Cream

Wrinkle improvement cream developed through many years of researches to offer ‘sustained beauty’ to the special women of our era.

This is a premium cosmetic product compose of strictly selected functional raw materials including natural ingredients and traditional orient medicinal herbal extract, that assists with the improvement of wrinkles, and will offer remarkable changes in the skin conveniently in 2 minutes.


6 Types of Liquid Functional Solutions

The solution to overcome the typical flaws of most cosmetic products by replacing harmful synthetic components with the natural ones, and has also reformed the typical weakness of natural cosmetic products.

Magic Solution Set

With our company’s Magic Solution set, your daily requirement to manage your facial skin need is complete.

Advantages using our company’s Magic Solution set are

  • provide required Vitamin to Moisturize, Whiten, and elasticized your facial skin
  • protect your skin from Sun damage by Neutralizes harmful Oxygen inside your skin increased by UV
  • protects the skin, promotes generation of Ceramide which enhances skin barrier and help discarding dead skin cell, leads to smooth skin
  • provides high Bisabolol effect (Anti-Inflammatory effect) that keeps your skin from redness, dry and damage after exposing to strong sun light or after dermal surgical procedure